Green Energy

Part of the BHA commitment to its customers and the  community is to make everyone aware of the Renewable Energy Solutions that are  available and practical for the Baltimore Climate. 


Converting to Renewable Energy Resources like Geothermal, Photoconversion (Solar) and Wind.  These are local resources in plentiful supply that are good for the economy, good for the environment, and just make common sense when they can be implemented for costs competative with conventional systems.

That is why the Federal Government is offering 30% Tax Incentives, and Maryland is making the equipment exempt from Retail Sales Tax.  With the rising cost of energy, coupled with unprecedented Tax Incentives and manufacturer's rebates there has never been a greater time to explore your options.

Based  on Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) reports

  • 8% total Carbon Based Energy Reserves.  That includes Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear...
  • 27% Wind
  • 27% Solar
  • 39% Geothermal

Let BHA show you what option(s) work best for your home based on its location, exposure and the tax incentives that are available. 

We all know where the price of Gas & Oil are going.  Let BHA help you explore alternative energy options.

Solar Energy

Solar  Hot Water

There are Solar Hot Water Systems suitable for  residential applications in the Baltimore  area.  Suitable systems include both  flat-plate collector and vacuum tube systems.   An analysis of the property exposure and the resident's hot water use  pattern needs to be completed to determine the suitability.  Most Renewable Energy Solutions like Solar  Hot Water qualify for Tax Incentives.   There has never been a better time to explore your options. 

BHA is working with a client to provide a solar  charging station for an electric car. 
  This is just another example of BHA's commitment  to finding practical solutions to meet applications suitable for the Baltimore area.