Energy  Audits

What we need from you: Copies of all your energy bill’s from the last 12 months and answers to a survey.  BHA will do the rest. Working with you, we will design a plan to reduce your monthly energy bills with out sacrificing your family’s comfort.


Green Alternatives:


BHA recovers all refrigerants and then disposed of following the EPA guidelines. All old equipment is recycled.

Baltimore Plumbing and BHA are committed to finding our customers ways to go green that are cost effective.  Its good for our community, good for the country, and just makes common sense.

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Solar  Hot Water

  Baltimore plumbing has Solar Hot Water Systems suitable for residential applications in the Baltimore  area.  Suitable systems include both flat-plate collector and vacuum tube systems.  BHA will need to complete an analysis of the property to be able to determine the suitability and most effective site, before they can make any recommendations.

Radiant Heat Sytems

40 years of experience

The radiant heat loops are often installed in poured concrete slabs. The concrete in these applications serves to protect the loops and radiates the heat evenly. Today the piping BHA uses for radiant heat loops has a 25 year warranty. A slab leak can be very traumatic for the homeowner. Bibb Henry Albert is not just there for the good times, the sale. BHA is maintaining and repairs most of the older radiant heat systems in the Baltimore area.  They can guide customers through the dreaded slab leak and make it as painless as possible.

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  Baltimore Plmbing provides complimentary Energy Audits so that we can advise you of cost effective options to improve your homes energy performance.   Baltimore Plumbing and BHA are committed to helping  you to making your home a little greener in many ways.  We use environmentally friendly R-410A  Refrigerant with environmentally sound  heating and air conditioning equipment, state-of-the-art  boilers. We also install geothermal ground-source heat pumps and domestic hot  water systems which utilize the earth’s own energy to heat and cool your home  with 40% to 70% savings.   Radiant heat has been around for 50 years, and BHA has over installing and maintaining radiant heat systems. Over this time, there have been a lot of changes and improvements in materials and controls, and the Bibb Henry Albert Company knows all of them.  BHA repairs existing cooper, steel, bundiweld, pex, radiant heat, and snowmelt systems.

Steam  Conversion Projects

  Around the turn of the last century Steam Heat was the state of the art.  In downtown Baltimore, BG&E had Steam Generating Plants and provided steam for heating in the downtown office buildings. 

This same technology was the principal behind steam radiator systems that was common from the 1900's through the 60's.  Today there are great efficiencies that can be achieved converting steam radiator systems to multi-zone hot water radiator systems.  Baltimore Plumbing and BHA have completed many steam conversion projects on large residential houses and commercial units where the results are very cost effective.